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It Enters Your Body 24 Hours A Day…And It Could Be Making You SICK

We all know how important nutritious food and clean drinking water are to our health. But rarely do we consider another major health factor we cannot see, touch, or taste: the air we breathe. Medical studies confirm that many people unknowingly breathe "sick" air in their homes and offices every day…air that contains common microscopic elements like pollen, dust mites, and bacteria.

As this polluted air is absorbed into our skin, lungs, and blood cells, it often causes or aggravates allergic reactions, headaches, fatigue, recurring colds, breathing difficulties, dizziness, nausea, and serious respiratory diseases.


Not all furnace filters are created equal so it’s not unusual to buy air filters thinking you have the right one only to find out the opposite after installation. The most common problem that incompatible furnace filters have is that they don’t fit. Improper-fitting air filters for furnaces don’t perform very well so that leaves you with improperly filtered air which can cause breathing problems for you and the people around you.

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Custom AIr Filters

Because, if it doesn't fit.  It doesn't filter.

We make your  permanent custom sized frame of sturdy aluminum and a permanently attached electrostatic charged screen.  They won't bend, melt or warp like plastic or cardboard furnace filters.

Odd size furnace filter?
We hand make your furnace filter frame to your exact size, so you'll always have a filter that fits perfectly!

It's the last furnace filter you will ever purchase.
Your furnace filter frame is backed by a 20 Year warranty!

The best custom furnace filters.

Air Filtration Options:

You'll choose from many types of air filtration refills for your new furnace filter.  You can use our popular BioSponge plus®, or our ultra-efficient MicroSponge® refills in your new filter.  Both offer outstanding protection from airborne contaminants! 

Select the refills that fits your needs.  You can also choose to add an activated carbon refill, if you wish to control odors and V.O.C.'s.

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Choose the Filter that Works for You
All systems include our patented custom made HealthSmart filter frame.

BioSponge filter
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Fresh Air Delivered to your door

Each air filter arrives ready to install, nothing to assemble.  Completely backed by the Air Sponge money-back guarantee.  Clean, fresh air and so conven
ient -- why wouldn't you give it a try?

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